Friday, August 12, 2016

It's a Win for Bieber !

In Whisper's shameless clickbait experiment  reporting of some very important news - the fact that nude photos had been published (not by us !) of heartthrobs Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber there has been an interesting development.
In just 4 days nearly 40,000 plus visitors have come to this little corner of the internet to seek news of Orlando's hunky frame but as of today over 60,000 have come to hear about the Bieber's bare-all action. So that puts Bieber at No 1 in the Nude Male Hunks stakes.

Even more pleasing over 38,000 readers have come to hear all about David Jones Spring Summer fashions and nearly 26,000 readers clicked to read about the opening of Eleven Bridge.
Jessica Gomez at the David Jones Spring Summer Fashion Parades