Monday, August 22, 2016

Dream on Salim

Melbourne has Geoffrey - Sydney has Salim

Budding personality Salim Mehajer who is Deputy Mayor of a suburb somewhere in the west ( we mean that nicely) has made a promotional video. We think that's what is (and is Salim still Deputy Mayor or was the Council dissolved?)
There's lots of exhorting to the viewer to "dream, dream" about what? We aren't sure. Any way it's a chance for Salim to show off one of his fab cars. the last time we had a 'celebrity' who expected us to be transfixed by his expensive motor cars was the colourful Geoffrey Eldesten iof Melbourne but sadly his stable of luxury vehicles all disappeared from the garage one day and were last seen speeding off in a cloud of dust with a posse of debt collectors driving them. We hope Salim fares better. Watch and dream.

INSTANT UPDATE : Oh dear..since the 7 Network ran some videos of Salim in a less than happy mood his Dream video has gone private. Never fear, another version has appeared on Youtube.