Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Michael Coppel and Philip McIntyre in association with Louise
Withers present the World Premiere Tour of John Cleese’s official adaptation of Fawlty Towers Live on Stage – touring Australia and New Zealand from August 2016.

Fawlty Towers Live will be based on the BBC TV series written by John Cleese and Connie Booth. It will be adapted for the stage by John Cleese, with direction by Caroline J. Ranger and set design by Liz Ascroft.
Manic, snobbish, condescending, sycophantic and rude, Basil Fawlty is without doubt one of the funniest, most iconic and most memorable British comedy characters ever written. This original adaptation and all-new Australian cast, will bring all your beloved characters to life onstage in an unmissable evening of hilarity!

Sydney: Roslyn Packer Theatre FROM 19 AUGUST

NOTICE : Careless Whispers will be back onboard tomorrow after a bout of illness. Even the office cat Mildred who can adequately fill our shoes couldn't be available due to a de-sexing operation.