Thursday, July 7, 2016

Star Trek Beyond on a Winter's night

Star Trek stars with director Justin Lin (centre): John Cho,   Karl Urban,  Zachary Qunto,   Chris Pine
Another night and another Sydney opening. Tonight is was Star Trek Beyond. And what a night! Blustery, cold and wet and very uncomfortable. Still once we were ensconced in the warm theater to watch 2 hours of escapism it was jolly good fun. And what a rather empty Red Carpet. Not even Terri Biviano turned up on a night like this! Who is she? Well might you ask but she's a regular on the carpet along with assorted footballers and news readers who jostle to stand in front of a hastily erected  & dreaded "media board", the scourge of social snappers and paparazzi alike as they all get the same pic which is dated and unsaleable by tomorrow. Good movie though.