Monday, July 4, 2016

Adventures in Paradise

                                     Ben May of Mrs Sippy.                                  photo by Tamara Dean

Earlier we reported on the success of the Balinese version of Bondi's famous Icebergs restaurant which has played host to just about every visiting celebrity who spends time in Sydney. Opened by Maurice Terzini in 2014 has become the hot spot for slebs and locals in the island resort.

Now Andrew Stanway who launched the highly successful Mrs Sippy restaurant in Double Bay is in the process of building his Mrs Sippy Bali right near the upmarket Potato Head Beach Club but dramas have broken out. Bali's highly partisan newspapers have claimed all sorts of dramas have caused work to halt on the almost completed luxury bar and restaurant. There have been claims of falsified documents and even the Bali police have gotten involved although that's pretty normal for Bali.  Usually booking a table at the local Policeman's Ball smooths those ruffled feathers.
               Fortunately a mediator has stepped in to negotiate a settlement between the warring parties that include Stanway and his partner Ben May and a local who claims to own part of the land Mrs Sippy is being built. Stanway has called the whole thing a storm in a Balinese teapot and says he will open his venue in September.