Friday, June 24, 2016

Society plays guessing game

It's been the talk of the Eastern Suburbs over the past week: who is the writer of this article referring 
Financial Review journalist Joe Aston who writes the gossipy Rear Window column has written a rousing defense of Roxy Jacenko who has been as would be expected, supporting her husband Oliver Curtis during his insider trading trial for which he has just been found guilty. Curtis will find out on Friday if he will receive a jail sentence.
Whispers met Curtis last weekend where he was keeping a low profile at a racing royalty Ingham's family christening held at Doyles in Circular Quay. We didn't like to bring up any controversial subjects. We've also attended many of Roxy's PR events and she's always pleasant and we find, one of the more efficient publicists in town. She's been receiving some flack for her choice of outfits while attending court but nothing new there- Roxy just dresses as she always does.
But this line has set the tongues wagging as names of columnists have been bandied about :
"And the laziest journos in the game, the furry-teethed ones with two decades of free canapes (literally) under their belts, write their one dog-tired column a week (don't ask us what their other workdays are devoted to), loathe Roxy" Ouch !

Read Joe's column here.
Update : Curtis was jailed for 2 years with a minimum of one year to be served.