Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Secret" wedding not so secret

It's being billed as the 'secret wedding' of Ginia Rinehart, heiress to her mum Gina Rinehart's fortune and one of her favoured children, to her ex-SAS bodyguard.
To be held on Hamilton Island the Oz media is hyperventilating about the "exclusive" guest list that includes Hayseed Central Barnaby Joyce and hamburger king Jack Cowin. Can you bear the excitement?
Whispers has been to Hamilton Island twice but the last time was 10 years ago. It's quite lovely but it's the sort of place you need to take your own company so it's ideal for the Rinehart clan and their pals. 
Mind you it's not a patch on Tangier in Morocco where Whispers attended the 70th birthday of publishing mogul Malcolm Forbes in 1989 and got sat at a table twice removed from Elizabeth Taylor who threw a bread roll at yours truly having mistaken us for someone else.
Even more exciting is the fact we can present you with a snap of Gina & Ginia from the website of the irrepressible Kua Hee Che. It doesn't get much better than this.
Below is a photo of the Concorde arriving in Tangier which Malcolm Forbes hired to jet his 200 guests to Morocco. Whispers only scored a regular flight and in Cattle Class at that. We didn't complain. 
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