Thursday, May 19, 2016

More on The Private Eye & The Madam

The Madam & The PI
 A missive lands on our desk : it's a feature from a top US show biz magazine we quote in full:

Frank Monte Spills the beans on his Secret World.

LOS ANGELES, CA – 18 May, 2016 – Frank Monte, is the often well publicized LA- NYC- Sydney, Ex-Cop, Private Investigator known for his Irian Jaya expedition for the Skull of Rockefeller, body-guarding The Sheik of Dubai, The Sultan of Johore, Gregory Peck, Diane Keaton, Sydney Pollack, Perry Farrell and Aristotle Onassis whilst spying on Jackie Kennedy–O, and lastly the subject of thousands of media items over his Court fights with the Versaces over his Autobiography, ‘The Spying Game’, [Pan MacMillan & Vapula Press] where he makes supported claims of skullduggery and Mafia involvement in Gianni Versace’s Miami murder. Monte acted a few years ago, in destroying the court case by a young lady against David Jones Ltd a super store, for $37 million for Sexual harassment, by secret his aggressive tactics.

Monte [] has just released a made-for-TV Docu-Drama/ Reality Show Pilot, titled, ‘The Private Eye and The Madam’. Shot in January in Los Angeles it lays bare his behind the scenes work methods and clients as well as his fiancee’s actions as a Madam of a legal Beverly Hills VIP Escort service. The proposed ten-part episode series lifts the lid off the secret business and depicts the Private detective’s legal and grey-area practices of the 45 years in the business. CNN’s Larry King called him, ’The Best in the Business’, Leeza! Said, ’You are James Bond!’

Monte and the much publicized Sharon Sargeant, appear as themselves in the TV show and are supported by several real life call-girls and Private Eyes in LA as they go about their larger than life lives and work. In the 1990s Monte was often seen in his Rolls Royce Corniche and Red Ferrari in NYC. The show depicts a Jet, Mansion, helicopter and well as high end cars. It’s described as ‘Pretty Woman meets Taken3.’

The Show has been offered to E! A & E, Murdoch’s Fox as well as Rat Pac Entertainment which is partly owned by James Packer an Australian Casino and Press Billionaire and Brett Ratner Producer of The Revenant.

It's hotting up folks !