Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ouch ! Roxy Jacenko unloads

Sydney high profile publicist Roxy Jacenko has hit out at those who are attacking her over the controversy surrounding what apparently are some pretty distasteful photographs of her daughter's head superimposed into other pictures. The photos are said to have been circulated among rivals in the fashion industry.

While Roxy, whose events we attend does promote her daughter Whispers cannot see why Roxy should be so viciously attacked for it even if we think it's not very prudent.

An attack on the mum is almost a vicarious attack on the daughter. The child is an innocent party in this and no matter what your views are, she will grow up and read all this (?) in the future.

So hands off as you take a perilous path when tangling with Roxy. You will get back as good as you give and then some.