Sunday, January 3, 2016

It's a reality : The Private Eye & The Madam

Earlier we reported that noted gumshoe Frank Monte had conceived of his own reality TV program : The Private Eye &The Madam
To us it seemed to be such an obvious winner we were surprised no-one had thought of it before and most especially in America where TV networks are now falling over themselves to snap up reality shows that are very economical to make compared to big budget dramas, but also pull in huge audiences (some of the stars of these shows- auction hunters etc are earning up to $20,000 per episode)
        Local naysayers were skeptical especially when Monte set up a gofundme page to raise capital for a pilot. While the general public were reticent it worked. Whispers has spoken to one  investor, a US based Australian who immediately jumped on board Monte's project and fronted up with the required funds (rumored to be $250,000) along with a New York based partner. Thus we can report that Mr Monte and The Madam- Sharon Sergeant are ensconced in Los Angeles and filming will begin next week. The director, a veteran of reality pilots says he is enthusiastic about the project and anxious to sign up for the series. And several well known actors and stars have agreed to appear in cameo roles.
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 Monte's LA digs
 Not one to do things by half, Frank Monte has rented a House with History during his stay in LA where he is filming his reality TV pilot, The Private Eye & The Madam
Located on Bundy Drive in ritzy Brentwood, it's the former home of Nicole Brown Simpson who was murdered there in 1994 with her friend Ronald Goldman. Husband O.J.Simpson was found not guilty of the murders in one of the most sensational reality televised trials of the century.  Will it feature in Monte's TV show ?
The house is now owned by a property investor and reputedly rents for $3000 a month.