Thursday, January 21, 2016

Has Clive's Titanic 2 sunk already?

Desperate business news for billionaire millionaire politcian Clive Palmer as his business interests hit the wall. Clive's Queensland nickel mines have just gone into voluntary administration as of Monday with the loss of 237 jobs after the Queensland government refused to bail out the ailing mines on the claim Palmer refused to allow them to inspect the books with a fine tooth comb.
In 2010 we reported how Clive startled guests at his lavish Christmas bash as he handed out keys to a brand new Mercedes to 55 of his 700 employees. And the largesse continued with Clive giving Fijian holidays to the rest along with stays at the Sheraton Mirage resort.
Palmer is now embroiled in a tussle with residents at his Coolum Resort as reported in the local Sunshine Coast Daily. And as if like a foreboding portent of more dramas at the resort Clive's favorite dinosaur Jeff (pictured ) went up in smoke early last year.
But what of Palmer's ambitious plans to recreate the Titanic with his announcement in 2012 he planed to rebuild the hapless ship and as we reported, OAPs (pensioners) would be banned from the boat seeing it would be sailing in international waters.
Whisper's Chinese spy disguised as a credible Shi Pei Pu (look her up) has been hovering around the Jinling  Shipyard in Jangling asking pertinent questions about the construction of Titanic 2 but alas, she received just blank looks.
The notion of recreating the most famous wreck in history was not only ambitious and romantic but reeked of a fabulous publicity stunt that was bound to end in tears. Will Clive's political career survive?
Below is the promo video of tests in Hamburg of a model of Titanic 2 cleverly disguised as an old Thames barge.