Thursday, November 5, 2015

So that's another superb PR coup then

 You have to congratulate young Sydney model Essena O'Neill who has catapulted herself into worldwide fame with just a couple of smart moves. Just to show she has no hard feelings about quitting social media Essena has launched a website called Lets Be Game Changers media... here.
A couple of (ex?) pals are calling Essena a "fake" in the video below. Who cares? She's had publicity to die for and the sort of PR that some of this town's more snooty publicists would charge tens of thousands of dollars for and still wouldn't get the coverage Ms O'Neill did. So we look forward to spotting Essena out on the social circuit any day soon. What a shame she didn't do this a month ago- she could have starred as a guest at the Melbourne Cup.