Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lady Georgia Campbell rules in the Jungle but why was she at this London demo?

 She's taking no prisoners during her stint in the jungle in northern NSW and her adopted son Dima has flown into town to support her stating "don't mess with mum" in this MailOnline article. Lady Georgia Campbell looks like she may emerge as the winner in the popular British reality program I'm a Celebrity-Get me Out of Here.
Dima is one of two boys Lady Campbell adopted from Russia as infants, to raise in genteel surroundings in Kennington in South London.
Now a reader has sent us this exclusive snap (above) of Lady Georgia at a rally in London recently, apparently outside the Royal Courts of Justice and where attendees were wearing t-shirts saying "Forced Adoption". Not only that the demonstrators where handing out leaflets promoting a recent bizarre scandal in the ritzy suburb of Hampstead where numerous residents, teachers and members of a church were alleged to belong to a Satanic Cult that shipped in babies from all over the world to use in rituals during which the children would be murdered and eaten! A High Cort judgement lambasted the promoters as fantasists and claimed the whole thing was an elaborate & cruel hoax. 
Was Lady Campbell attending the demo? She seems to be in deep conversation with a demonstrator. Or perhaps she was merely passing by and stopped to see what all the hullabaloo was about. Most odd.