Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dramas in Casablanca

 One of the stars of the unexpected hit TV series Gogglebox Angie Kent (right) has lashed out at Double Bay's uber nightclub Casablanca after her brother who suffers from Aspergers was refused entry. According to Angie security guards questioned whether the chap was drunk or drugged. The party lot then moved on to The Sheaf pub where they had more success with security who whilst initially questioning the man, allowed the group entry.
 Angie really should have made contact with Casablanca's amiable manager Karim Gharbi (pictured above) who features regularly in these pages. We feel Karim would have only been to happy to put the names of her group at the door as VIP guests given his penchant for publicity.

As the success of the show keeps resonating Whispers hears that at least 2 stars of the show are now being courted by advertising agencies to promote products. Indeed Whisper encountered one of Googlebox's stars in a shopping centre a few days ago and asked if the rumour was true (we've known this person for many years). She just laughed off the suggestion but didn't actually say "no". So that's a yes then.