Monday, September 7, 2015

Show Biz News

Colourful gumshoe Frank Monte is celebrating his win over Fairfax Media after they nicked a photo from his girlfriend Sharon Sergeant's website and published it. Monte sued Fairfax via one of Australia's most experienced briefs Clive Evatt QC (centre left) and was awarded $10,000 in damages plus costs. Much was made during the trial of just what a MILF was with both Evatt & m'learned judge expressing puzzlement at the term.

Now Frank has announced in the Hollywood Reporter & show biz bible Variety that he is producing a pilot for a TV reality series called The Private Eye and The Madam which will deal with his daily private investigator activities and Sharon's escort business in the USA where the couple are mainly based.
And you can get in the ground floor by investing in this show by going here. Monte has received numerous offers from US producers and networks to take on the series but he says they just want too bigger percentages.
" I've written this show myself and not only will Sharon and I be the 'talent' & stars of the series, I just don't want to hand over the rights to a company where it may get out of my control but it's encouraging that 2 US cable networks are keen on the idea".
Sargeant has just appeared in 2 films with Sam Neil, Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford while Whisper's Las Vegas spy spotted Frank Monte  just 2 weeks ago deep in conversation with casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson at the Venetian Casino.
  Sounds like a winner to us and just the sort of show TV viewers would lap up - excitement, glamour, drama and sex !

It looks like it's libel lawyers at ten paces as superstar Mel Gibson and the Daily Telegraph look set to take each other on in the law courts.
The drama stems from Mel's visit to the Verona Cinema in Oxford Street Paddington. When he emerged from the theatre Mel says he was 'ambushed' by a Daily Terror snapper after a writer had received the brush off inside the theatre when he enquired of Mel what he thought of the film. The snapper says she was shoved by Gibson but local police after viewing CCTV footage said they will not be prosecuting Mel.
It's a quandary for Whispers. We've encountered both Gibson and the photographer involved and both have always been polite. Mel is possibly one the politest movie stars of them all despite the (Australian) media who can be extremely rude at times. The last press conference we attended one hack asked Mel if he was "losing his hair". He responded " why are you losing yours?".