Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Matthew Newton answer his critics :"I have been in excellent health for the last three years"

Following our report last week that actor Matthew Newton had slammed the tabloid magazine Woman's Day over recent health claims, the actor has now given an exclusive interview to the Australian MailOnline and scotched rumours about his health and expressed how happy he is that sister Lauren is expecting her fourth child. The Newtons are a close knit show biz family and although the talented Matthew has been through some rocky times due to illness, it's pleasing news that his career appears to be thriving in the USA. You can read the Mail's report here.
# One of the oddest aspects of this mini controversy was a columnist on an Australian newspaper who had hoped that Newton would  "provide evidence to back up  his claims the Woman's Day article was "full of lies"". Call Whispers old fashioned (we are) but the usual expectation is that if a claim is made about a person, the claimant is the one expected to "provide evidence" etc. Still, we live in interesting times where many aspects of life have become topsy turvy.