Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lawyer rips into the Womans Day

High profile Sydney lawyer Chris Murphy has criticised Bauer Media and their magazine Womans Day over a story on his client actor Matthew Newton. Last night Murphy poster this message on his Facebook page:
NEWS RELEASE: There is a story about Matthew Newton in Woman's Day magazine today. It is a total fabrication. My client Matthew Newton has written and authorised the following media release:
There is an article in Woman's Day magazine today saying that I have been rushed to hospital and that I suffered a psychotic episode. It is absolutely untrue. It did not happen. It has been made up. The whole article is full of lies.
I am happy and healthy. I have been residing peacefully in New York for the last three years with occasional business trips to Los Angeles. I am working with people on several film projects. I have not sought nor received financial support from my parents for many years
No journalist spoke to me before writing this nonsense in Woman's Day and it has been concocted with no basis in the truth. I have referred it to my lawyers to take action.

# we aren't going to re-print the Woman's Day story and trust Mr Murphy as a man of his word who takes great care of his clients. And good luck to Matthew Newton who we have had the pleasure of meeting several times when he lived in Sydney.