Wednesday, August 19, 2015

LatteLife Scoop

We here at Whispers knew that this drama was bubbling just below the surface and now Jane King of the Southern Highland's newspaper LatteLife has published an extraordinary claim that former NSW Prison's Minister Michael Yabsley, known for his hard line policies- he was the member for Sydney covering Kings Cross and the gay strip of Oxford Street-and  now a major fundraiser for the Liberal Party, may have been operating an unlicensed venue called Wombat Hollow in East Kangaloon.

Whilst we won't comment on the legalities of this - rather point you to a Channel Ten news report - it does show the importance of small independent publishers who can shine a light in dark corners. Jane King posted a message on Facebook today recounting the problems she had with this matter whilst praising the Ten Network for taking up the baton as they were 'better resourced"
In the meantime, LattelIfe has now ventured into the lucrative Sydney city centre with another new publication City Circular which was launched this month. There are small newspapers covering the city but this new publication hopes to present a more vibrant take on the nerve centre of NSW and with their success in the Eastern Suburbs, publisher King and Managing Editor Cristian King look like they have another success on their hands.
# Whispers & have been part-time contributors to LatteLife Newspapers