Monday, August 31, 2015

Denim to Die For

The Delta Riggs were in top form

We love David Jones department store. It's one of the world's great emporiums. And we love their parties even more. Last night DJs launched the Denim label with a great bash at St James Train Station.

It's not the only time we've been to a party in a station. The Mortuary Station near Central was often used as a venue. Fortunately we never actually caught a train from the Mortuary as it goes direct to Rookwood Cemetery and there's no return !

Back to DJs. Whispers knows there will be always lots of pretty young things at a David Jones party and of course there were. Some even wore denim.

Model Erin Wasson ( left) hosted the night and it doesn't get much better than that. This is a just a small selection of the guests. Someone has to do this job !
Jordan Barrett , Mimi Elashiri,   Jai Stevens                          Zac Stenmark, Kate Waterhouse and Luke Ricketson
Melina Vidler                          Erin Holland                                 Tahnee Atkinson                        Mimi Elashiri