Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Doing The Rounds with Susan..

Susan Olsen above with Amanda & Jonesy from radio WFSM
If you didn't know by now Susan Olsen from the Brady Bunch is in Sydney.  She's here for the Supernova convention at the Olympic Park. These US style conventions have taken off like a bushfire in Australia and are proving to be real money spinners for all involved.
 How much does a (former) star make for a few day's work signing autographs and chatting to and posing with fans? Our inside source says top stars can make around $40,000 (all expenses paid) and lesser well known stars around $15-20,000 which is not bad considering they may attend 6 conventions during the year. You can find out more about Supernova coming to a city near you here.
Susan (left) with Ben Fordham & Sonia Kruger