Monday, November 17, 2014

Waiting for Jennifer

When you look like Jennifer Hawkins you will probably be forgiven for most things. Whether the assembled paparazzi at the Polo In The Park will is not known.
Given instructions that Ms Hawkins would arrive at 11.30 am they patiently waited until she did actually get there- at 1.30pm.Water was consumed, brows wiped in the alternating hot sun and cold wind. Faces began to burn. But she did arrive and duly posed with a Range Rover.
Crowds seemed to be down this year possibly because the event has grown a reputation for always being extremely hot in it's home in the sheltered area of Centennial Park. But the weather was perfect, the champagne chilled  and the food excellent. Well that was at the Land Rover corporate tent. Wandering past the other marquees guests looked happy and contented and some even watched the polo matches while ladies and some men swooned over the handsome polo players.
It's a rich man's game but we loved the announcer proudly introducing one team member as the "son of a fish monger". So there, polo is now an egalitarian sport and mere mortals like me and you can attend and even play !
Polo guests : Darren Palmer, Camila Franks,George Gregan, David Novak-Piper, Neale Whitaker and Guy Sebastian