Monday, October 20, 2014

The Wit & Wisdom of Eddie Obeid

The family companies may be feeling the pinch- son Moses Obeid looks set to lose the lease of the Rushcutters Bay Marina, but our favourite ex-Labor Power Broker & ICAC witness Eddie Obeid retains his sense of humour.
As the Shuttle revealed in LatteLife Newspaper , if Eddie were to face again any sort of formal tribunal, he has a 6'4" transvestite nephew who once belonged to the legendary Sydney drag troupe, Sylvia & The Synthetics who is very fond of his uncle. Said nephew is itching to turn up in short black dress, huge sunnies and a large picture hat to lend support to Eddie.
We digress : Mr Obied has been tweeting lately his views, not only one of Sydney's top nosheries but shows he also has a cracking sense of humour as you can see in his second tweet.