Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pooch Wrestling at Banter

An interesting collection of guests turned out for the opening of the swish new French restaurant Banter in Surry Hills. Karim Ghabi of Casablanca nightclub fame hosted the evening while the delectable Laura Dundovic accompanied him greeting guests.

 One face we haven't seen out on the town lately, Fashion school supremo Leanne Whitehouse (left) who has been embroiled in a controversy over the Pm's daughter.  She sat quietly in a booth with designer Charlie Brown.
And we also got to meet Bentley, the largest feline in town who arrived in the arms of a friend of Christa Billich.
Bentley surveyed the scene with a rather haughty look and later wrestled a poor dog to the ground before going to sleep in a violinist's case which he was soon ejected from by a disgruntled musician.

From sampling some of Banter's delicacies on the night, this should be another fine addition to Sydney night life.