Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hollywood : Where Dreams Come True

Pictured above at the Los Angeles premiere of Hercules is Bondi Battler James Packer, his film business partner Brett Ratner & star of Hercules Dwayne Johnson and his wife Simone Johnson.

Yesterday the movie premiered in New York with the same line-up. Our dear friends at the UK Daily Mail have indulged in the same fantasy that has gripped several local publications with this tale of Miranda Kerr & Packer supposedly meeting secretly in New York with Kerr going to great lengths to swap cars. Alas the tale is almost word for word for the April Fool's Joke we ran on April 1st this year. The fact the Mail excitedly contacted us for more details on the great non love affair of the year is entirely co-incidental. Below is a preview of the Packer Ratner flick.