Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wolf of Wall Street ?..or just a Rat

The Wolf                                   The Rat                      John McGrath                    Liz Hayes                     Neil Jenman
Real estate advocate Neil Jenman has savaged the con-man Jordan Belfort turned "motivational speaker" who is due in Australia this month for a speaking tour.
On Monday evening Media Watch ripped into the man the film the Wolf of  Wall Street was based on and in particular some of the countries vacuous TV shows that presented gushing interviews with Belfort who ripped off thousands of Americans of their life savings in a classic boiler room scam.

But it's Jenmen who has scathingly shredded the scamster labeling him The Rat of Long Island as well as questioning why popular real estate identity John McGrath is sponsoring the crook who will be telling 100s of would-be Aussie moguls how he committed his crimes.
It's a mystery why Mc Grath who also a hosts several TV shows would link himself to this unrepentant crim who walks out on interviews when asked difficult but pertinent questions as Liz Hayes did on 60 Minutes. Watch the video below.
A gut feeling here: this will not end well for John McGrath and he could seriously dent his integrity by associating with Belfort. And that's if Belfort actually gets into the country : Jenman is petitioning the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to get the Wolf Rat's visa revoked on the claim he is coming to Australia to profit from his crimes which in itself, is a crime.
Read Neil Jenman's fact filled expose of the Rat of Long Island here.