Friday, June 6, 2014

Rooster One Day, feather duster etc.

He cut a rather forlorn figure on Wednesday morning standing quietly in a corner. Former premier Barry O'Farrel attended the gala opening of the spanking brand new Woolworths store in snooty Double Bay. And what a store it is, totally unrecognisable from the ghastly and gloomy tin shed style premises that were once there.
 It's bound to become a social meeting spot with an amazing selection of stores and delicacies.
 The vintner Dan Murphys, part of the complex was also celebrating and the Shuttle dropped in for a morning Bollinger, as one does.                            
Murphy's was also serving 2003 Grange Hermitage which retails for a $1000 a bottle. Sadly Barry had nary a nip of this fine offering. Perhaps not to his taste. After all it was less than 2 months ago O'Farrell resigned after telling the ICAC he had never received a '59 bottle of Grange valued at $3000. Such is life.