Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Dramas at the Opera House

Pussies Riot
 One day after soprano Tamar Iveri was "released from her contract" with the Australian Opera : the Shuttle first revealed her homophobic Facebook rants : a new drama has cropped up with the annual Festival of Dangerous Ideas .

 The Sydney Opera House has withdrawn writer Uthman Badar from the festival after a twitter campaign. The Sydney based Muslim speaker and activist was to ask why western countries act as a 'moral judge' in the matter of honour killings. His photo-published here- has vanished from the Dangerous Ideas website.
Never fear : there is a line-up of controversial names appearing with former PM Malcolm Fraser and ex-pollie Mark Latham, writers Salman Rushdie and John Pilger and some Russian controversy with the infamous Pussy Riot. Tickets are available here.