Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pick & Stick with Alan

It's a very Sydney story. A tale of drugs and murder. Four years ago the Shuttle attended  the launch of ex-copper Roger 'Dodger' Rogerson's autobiography at the former gangster hangout, the Iron Duke pub in Waterloo.
Glen McNamara            Tim Priest          Alan Jones            above Rogerson & Jones at Roger's book launch                                                                
Roxburgh as Rogerson
Rogerson's book was launched by radio host Alan Jones. Rogerson is famous for being kicked out of the NSW Police and was portrayed in the TV  film Blue Murder with Richard Roxburgh playing the Dodger.
Above in our photo set is Alan Jones with another former detective Tim Priest at his book launch and in the photo is another former cop Glen McNamara.
Police are now alleging that McNamara and Rogerson entered a storage facility on Saturday evening with 20 year old Jamie Gao. Minutes later, say police, the two ex-cops walked out carrying Gao's body. A body matching his description was found floating off Cronulla beach this morning wrapped in a blue tarpaulin. McNamara has been arrested and charged and police say Rogerson is on the run in Queensland.
Multi millionaire radio network owner Alan Jones is famed for his "pick and stick "claim when it comes to friends. McNamara & Rogerson look like needing all the friends they can get.
#Memorable Jones' quote at Roberson's book launch :" the NSW Police needed 100s of Rogersons."