Sunday, May 11, 2014

Melbourne & Across The Sea

Milliner Phillip Treacy locks lips with singer Grace Jones at the Battersea Power Station

 Perhaps it's the way of future- an extended series of Mother's Day celebrations. Last week we had the launch of the Murdoch Children's Research Foundation garden party in Elizabeth Bay at the Boomerang mansion which will become an annual charity fundraiser and which hopes to inspire numerous similar events around the country,
The following Friday Crown Casino in Melbourne hosted a Mum's Day event with some of the same guests, namely rival media names- the Packers. Attending were Francesca Barham with her grandmother Ros Packer, widow of the late Kerry Packer. Barham is the daughter of James Packer's sister Gretel Packer and British banker Nick Barham (James owns Crown)

At Crown :  Nicole Trunfio         Rebecca Judd              Sherri Biggs             Nadia Bartel       Jesinta Campbel
Meanwhile in London the iconic Battersea Power Station is soon to be turned into apartments- and what a location that will be -they threw their annual party and we have an exclusive video of the night's entertainment- rock royalty Elton John.