Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fight Club Minefield

Finally the seriousness of the Bondi Bender is sinking in as it dawns upon the mainstream media just how serious the street brawl between two Australian corporate giants  is and why it's a little more than a disagreement between pals.
Malcolm Farr in the Telegraph was the first to point out the obvious : James Packer has just been awarded the opportunity to make a fortune with his proposed casino complex at Barangaroo with relaxed licensing laws. This opportunity was given him by former NSW premier Barry O'Farrell who dramatically resigned a few weeks ago after mis-leading the ICAC. O'Farrell had also just legislated tough new laws with stiff penalties for street brawling after several deaths and restricted alcohol sales in Kings Cross while also announcing that Packer's Barangaroo casino would be able to operate 24 hours 7 days a week.
Yesterday the police have gone from "not investigating" to now calling for witnesses to the dust-up. Trials are under way in the UK with numerous News Ltd employees accused of hacking mobile phones with serious questions about 'fitness' to run broadcasting networks. David Gyngell heads the Nine Network that ironically, was once owned by James Packer.
How could it have come to this : 2 men who have been life long friends- as were their fathers Kerry Packer and Bruce Gyngell- now find themselves on the front pages for all the wrong reasons?
Waverley Police are now calling for witnesses to come forward, If the 2 fighters were to be charged - as law experts now say could happen-that also brings into question the payment for photos of the affair.