Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dinner Date with Tom Keneally & Steven Speilberg

An evening not to be missed. The ABC is holding a dinner event to celebrate 50 years of publishing with Oscar winning author Tom Keneally.
Actor Bryan Brown is hosting along with Kathy Lette and Richard Flanagan.
And director Steven Spielberg is expected to drop in via video. Spielberg of course produced and director Schindler's List based on Keneally's 1982 Booker Prize winning book Schindler's Ark. Tom's had 3 books listed for the Booker prize including The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith which was made into a film as was his autobiographical book The Devil's Advocate.
Tickets are $150 and the dinner is on Wednesday 11th June at the Westin Hotel. Book here.
Kathy Lette                                  Steven Spielberg                                                            Westin Hotel