Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why are people so unkind...

We like to think we are a cynical bunch at the Shuttle, not easily fooled and on the ball.  But even the new office cat Eva was taken in the by the possibility of a scoop- the tale that casino baron James Packer was spotted with supermodel Miranda Kerr in New York last week.

Alas it was an April Fool's Joke but one played on the Shuttle by a long time New York pal, one of the USA's top photographers who had vowed revenge after we stung him similarly 5 years ago.
How were we taken in ?. By expert timing.  Sending us the story and snaps (old ones nicked from the web) with knowledge of our publishing timetable - that we wouldn't twig to the fact by receiving the tale on the 30th of March and being told we must wait 40 hours to coincide with another publication.