Saturday, April 26, 2014

Restaurant News

 Twitter, Facebook, the blogosphere is abuzz with news of a scathing review of top chef Neil Perry's Rockpool Bar & Grill in Perth.
Titled :  "your $326 dinner was the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten' our reviewer minces no words:
" From the moment I stepped through your ten-foot-high Japanese-influenced doors and into your airline hangar dining hall, the experience was the most joyless I have ever had involving food. I’m not just talking about the high end stuff. I’m talking about $8.50 kebabs ordered by the roadside at three in the morning after nights out with the lads. I’m talking about failed experiments cooking alone when too drunk to go to the shops. I’m talking about childhood stand-offs with parents ending with me blocking my nose, scarfing the turnip and running from the table crying. Your food was worse, Rockpool Bar and Grill Perth. And you charged me $326."
The blog is authored by someone called  scheissenbedauern ( pictured in his 'selfie')who apparently lives in Brisbane and even that fine city has rankled the poor chap as he explains:
"I recently visited Brisbane for the first time. I never wanted to see Brisbane but got sent for work. I spent the first hour walking around thinking, it’s true, Brisbane sucks. I even wrote some text messages to people. “In Brisbane. It’s everything I expected.”

Read  scheissenbedauern's jottings here. You may also like his other pieces including his lament about supermodel Megan Gale who apparently blocked him on Twitter.
 In 2010 the Shuttle reported on a ripple of outrage that had run through the Bangkok establishment with the arrival of Australian chef David Thompson  ( pictured above second right) and his Nahm restaurant. "Coals to Newcastle" was the theme, but Thompson has succeeded brilliantly and won over his critics.
Nahm has been named not just in the Best 50 Asian restaurants in the world but is now Number One !
Well we told you so having eaten Thompson's supperb Thai food many times. But don't take our word for it : not only is Thompson Tom Cruise's favourite chef but he also creates banquets for the Thai Royal Family.