Saturday, April 12, 2014

Play It Sam

The Shuttle's spy disguised as a multi-coloured cocktail umbrella at the glitzy new Double Bay nightclub Casablanca tells us there were a few ruffled feathers over the latest LattéLife Newspaper edition which pictured the club's manager Karim Gharbi surrounded by a bevy of beauties in it's What's Hot & What's Not page labeling the snap as "cringeworthy".
 Having worked in New York and London as a publicist for some pretty big names, the Shuttle was taught at early age : all publicity is good as long as the name is spelt correctly.
Apparently Karim has now seen the light and the value of such excellent publicity. Indeed it's a pretty handsome snap and Karim looks his always elegant self and if they are the staff members a customer would find in Casablanca- success is assured.

 However we haven't heard yet what the reaction has been from the delectable Laura Csorton who appears in the same newspaper with an opinion writer questioning Laura's decision to sponsor Harpic which is - a toilet cleaner.
Let's face it, if you look like Laura you can sell anything !

# The quote "Play it again Sam" is a common mistake made about the classic film Casablanca. Humphrey Bogart never actually said the words but Ingrid Bergman did say "play it Sam".