Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baz Does It Again

We reckon Baz Luhrman and Catherine Martin (she did the costumes) have another hit on their hands : the stage version of Baz's original 1992 film hit Strictly Ballroom.
The show opened last night at the Lyric Theatre at that bastion of poker machines and roulette tables Star Casino.

Lots of celebs were on hand- Jack Thompson, Joel Edgerton and the much loved  Kylie Minogue. But where was Paul Mecurio the star of the film ?. If he was there we didn't spot him.

What can we say about Strictly ? It has heaps of colour and  movement, lots of gaudy frocks, fabulous dancing and of course terrific music ( lots of ABBA) and it's bound to end up in London and New York.
The standing ovation at last night's performance would tend to confirm this.