Friday, January 17, 2014

Invasion from DownUnder

Readers of the world's most scurrilous terrific newspaper, the MailOnline have been expressing puzzlement of the sudden rash of tales about Aussie (alleged) celebrities that have appeared over the last few days.
Glitzy Melbourne estranged couple Geoffrey & Brynne Edelsten have now featured for two days in a row much to the bewilderment of the intrepid commentators on the popular British rag : "who are these people' : "DM seriously this isn't relevant for the UK! (and that's from a Melbourne reader) :No one overseas knows who the hell she is, and no one here in Oz gives a damn! Where to now DM????: "What's this current obsession with Australian non entities?" are some of the more refined comments.

A tale about Charlotte Dawson leaving Australia's Top Model has drawn positive support from one reader- guysomewhere is obviously a fan of Charlotte's with his comment : "top cougar !"

Who are they ?
What can it all mean?. It's a carefully planned marketing ploy to gauge reader reactions and numbers for the imminent launch of an Australian version of the MailOnline. There are big bikkies involved in advertising with the UK version now raking in millions of pounds in revenue. That knocking sound you here is Fairfax and News Corp shaking in their boots.

 Meanwhile the hapless Edelstens have begun unloading assetts as their 'fairytale" romance crumbles and Geoffrey faces bankruptcy in the USA.
Just released on the market for a price of around $4.5M is the couple's homage to '90's decor, their Palazzo Versace apartment on the Gold Coast. (pictured below)