Saturday, January 18, 2014

Instant Update

"The biggest twit on Australian television."

The UK MailOnline's fascination with Aussie celebrities continues into it's third day , albeit still befuddling loyal Mail readers.
A tale about the Human Headline Derryn Hinch's decision to spend 6 weeks in the pokey has drawn a complete blank with readers. However a photo extravaganza featuring amateur bikini models and 'instababe' stars has set pulses racing with comments along  the lines: "cor blimey look at that.." etc.
Sadly a feature on morning TV host Karl Stefanovic appears to have fallen flat with readers :
"The biggest twit on Australian television."
"Going to say it again, why all the oz stories? Who the hell would be interested in Karl Stefanovic outside oz?"
"What on earth is going on with the over the top coverage of Australian stories on here lately...most of them barely rate a mention in our newspapers..."
Still, it's early days yet.