Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's In The Stars

It's a little known fact but one of Australia's most successful businessmen never did a deal with anyone until he had his own Phrenologist check them out. If your  bumps passed muster, you were in. That included the bank manager, prospective partners or a receptionist. When he died around 14 years ago he left a $500M estate.
Astrology believer George Soros
 Since then his family have at least doubled that fortune. Sadly the phrenologist passed away . They now use handwriting experts.

One of America's richest men, George Soros has his own personal full time Astrologer. Soros inherited a superstitious nature from his Hungarian mother. His natural ability to 'crunch' figures , choose stocks and parlay them into a fabulous profit within a few weeks is enhanced by the stars. Before he does any deal he consults his starry adviser for the final seal of approval.

Enter Britain's rising star of Astrology, Victor Olliver who is building a clientele around the world who are commissioning Olliver to work out the most propitious dates to launch new enterprises. Olliver also does the stars for the Britain's oldest published magazine, The Lady as well as appearing on international radio.
Victor has a new star book out : Lifesurfing: Your Horoscope Forecast Guide 2014 and it's a best seller on Amazon. You can either buy the print version for under $10 or get the Kindle version ( as we did) for under $4. Sometimes there is even a free download so grab a copy now and get another as a gift for a friend. Everyone loves reading their astrological forecast. How can you go wrong ?
Visit Olliver's personal website here.
Pictured right : Sydney society figure Glen Marie Frost, the world renowned neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo and cricketing great Alan Border at the launch of the new Thomas Kelly Foundation named in honour of 18 year old Thomas who was fatally felled by a single punch on a Saturday night, 18 months ago in Kings Cross.
Find out how you can help at the foundation's website.