Monday, December 30, 2013

Frank Monte's Private Black Eye Mystery

The US based gumshoe Frank Monte is back in Sydney to visit relatives and is sporting a glorious black eye as our intrepid snapper, disguised as potted palm at the trendy Double Bay Cosmo restaurant captured in this exclusive pic.
Monte with partner Sharon Sargeant
How did it happen ?. Well Monte is keeping that a secret and merely responded to the Shuttle's inquiry with : "I hope you are having a nice Christmas holiday !". We are indeed but we hate these mysteries and would love to know how it happened.
 Last year the Shuttle reported how Monte had almost been run down by a crazed BMW driver in a local back alley, narrowly escaping with his life after the hit & run driver headed straight for him, clipped him slightly and tore off.
 In last month's Eastern Suburb's society bible Latte Life Frank addressed some of the more lurid claims made in 2 scurrilous articles in a Fairfax newspaper.
Monte says : "that journalist has a weird obsession with me but has never once disclosed in her articles or to her editor that her live-in partner is also a private investigator who may well have been pitching for the same contracts as me. It's pretty unethical".
"She also claimed I posed as a solicitor but that incident was nothing to do with me".
 The Shuttle can confirm this and has taken a statement from a person who contacted several websites as a 'reputation consultant' without speaking to Monte and said they never claimed to be a solicitor. He said he had written to both the journalist and their editor pointing out this fact but has been ignored.
Says Monte : "She also outrageously claimed I was being investigated by the NSW Police yet I haven't worked in Australia for at least 2 years now. I haven't even had a parking ticket in this town in 5 years".
Just to check the Shuttle rang the Inner Sydney police station mentioned and spoke to a detective who replied they had never had any interest in investigating Monte and had no reason to do so.

Such are the standards of today's media. But how did that black eye happen ! We should be told !