Sunday, November 3, 2013

Training Angelina

Luke & Scott with Sarah Wilson
My Kitchen Rules' stars Luke Hines and Scott Gooding have entered a crowded market with a new book : Luke & Scott : Clean Living. They promise to transform you into a healthy specimen in 3 weeks.
The pair launched their book at the Bondi restaurant, The Bucket List on a blustery evening and still managed to pull a sizable crowd including TV's Andrew O'Keefe and the lady who has herself transformed many lives, writer Sarah Wilson
whose bestseller about killer white sugar is still flying off the shelves.
Luke has another gig lined up: he'll be
training Angelina Jolie went she settles in for a few months to film the WW2 movie Unbroken .Hines also has to transform the film's star into a malnourished air crash survivor while still keeping him healthy.
It's that season again : social writers flocking to Melbourne for the Spring Carnival and attempting to impress their readers that they are missing out on an amazing event. The Shuttle's attended more than we care to think about but in the past few years Melbourne's racing season has descended into a sort of bogan tragedy. Minor 'celebrities' are trotted out and placed in front of the dreaded photo wall that now plagues every event around the world. The days of being flown by private jet by interesting people are basically over (the Shuttle flew with Richard Branson once in a special Virgin flight and 3 times with the late Jim Fleming in his Lear jet.)
It's just very hard work and these days you cannot wander as you could in the past, from marquee to marquee. Needless to say the media will trill over this year's slebs : Hamish &Andy (spotted any day at Kings Cross), Kris Smith (male model) and the aging Naomi Campbell (yawn).