Sunday, October 27, 2013

Erika- Wow !

THE NEWLY SINGLE Erika Packer arrives at the Vogue party last week.
Despite media tales about the empty ginormous complex hubby James Packer has built in Vaucluse the Shuttle hears from pals that the patter of tiny feet will be heard in the amazing house now reputed to be costing $80M, as both mum and dad will share the upbringing of the 3 young Packer heirs.

Friends say Erika will be looking for a house within walking distance of the Packer complex. Like most Packer splits, this one has been amicable, or at least we will never hear any details if it wasn't. The Packers demand and get, total loyalty.
How much does an ex-Packer wife get in a divorce?. Fiancee Kate Fisher reputedly picked up $15M while Jodie Meares got a house (and one for her mum) and around $30M. Erika with 3 small children ?. According to our resident divorce expert James will see little change from $100M.