Sunday, September 8, 2013

Election News : PM Tony Abbott Outed !

PM Tony can barely hide his excitement
He has just taken the reigns after a concerted media campaign led by the American billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch and now the Shuttle brings you exclusive news : far from being a Philistine troglodyte who will roll us back into the 1950s as his critics claim, PM Tony Abbott is a fan of the arts !

The gilded couple Charles Billich & wife Krista who regularly fly exited social hacks around the world to breathlessly report on their glittering soirees at upmarket venues like the Playboy Mansion in LA , have presented a grateful Prime Minister with a gorgeous work of art that only our Charles can produce. Will it hang in The Lodge like other rare Billich works hang in The Vatican and other grand mansions?  And is it a fetching nude, perhaps of Krista draped over a chaise lounge legs akimbo ?  . Is this the first step for an exciting exhibition of Billich prints at the National Gallery in Canberra ?. Will Sir Les Patterson emerge from retirement ? Clearly a New Era for The Yartz is upon us.  Exciting times ahead. !