Friday, August 9, 2013

More Fashion & Klunk Klink

As sure as night follows day-the Myer Spring /Summer parades follow David Jones fashion gala a week later. And so it came to pass at the Horden Pavilion (soo much easier to park !) and of course, the most successful Miss Universe ever, Jennifer Hawkins strutted the catwalk to show off the wares. Along with some others of course including Kris Smith and football superstar Harry Kewell.
Jennifer Hawkins & Kris Smith in the 2013 Myer parade, Harry Kewell and errr Kris & Jennifer from 2009- not a lot changes !
The row over the bizarre election front pages on the Daily Telegraph has spread to the UK with the BBC picking up the controversy. Yesterday's photo-montage depicted Anthony Albanese, Craig Thomson and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as characters out of the 60's TV show Hogan's Heroes.
After Rudd complained Opposition Communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull said that the PM sounded like a "jilted lover" but as some unkind wag commented-"does that mean Tony Abbott is now Rupert Murdoch's new mistress?"
Now UK Labor MP and staunch Murdoch opponent Tom Watson who was involved in the recent select committee investigating Murdoch has just tweeted he is "mentally packing his bags" to visit Australia soon to talk about Murdoch's activities in the UK. 
We think the last word should go to Tim Dunlop writing on the ABC's The Drum :
"What the editors and proprietor no doubt saw as some sort of brave, daring play by a vital and vibrant news organisation putting itself in the middle of the biggest political story of the year, looked more like some sad grandpa with a comb-over at a nightclub trying to impress the ladies with his hip moves from another era."