Sunday, August 4, 2013

'Queen of One's Own Realm'

We like to think that would be the occupation that the new Prince of Cambridge's Great Granny would put down
should she be asked to fill in a form like the one pictured here: Prince George's birth certificate.

What is in store for the new heir to the British (and Australian) throne ?. For expert advice we turn to the Astrologer of choice Victor Olliver, Britain's rising star of the stars :
"Born on 22 July 2013 , at 4.24pm (London), Prince George is a ‘watery’ fellow – he will be hypersensitive, compassionate, intuitive if not psychic, possibly artistic, temperamental and abundantly focused on the people.                                                                                     
If you want to know whom he most resembles, tremble not (too much) if I say that he will be a cross between grandparents Charles and the late Diana. Just about a Cancerian (Diana), with one minute to spare, he has Scorpio (Charles) rising: prepare for a deliciously bumpy national ride as baby grows into manhood and courts controversy. Cool on the surface, he’ll try to disguise unusually intense feelings and reactions, the trigger for many battles with authority. But George will be both a valiant and lucky champion for the UK and an internationalist. And immensely popular, globally.
With his Venus on the same spot as regal fixed star Regulus at birth, he’s a Royal superstar of the 21st century.
" You can read more detail here.

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