Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Rudd by a Whisker

In all matters astrological we usually turn to Britain's up and coming top stargazer Victor Olliver but so busy is he with his new book Lifesurfing: Your Horoscope Forecast Guide 2014 , now an Amazon bestseller, we have turned to another expert, Marjorie Orr  for a forecast on the September 7th General Election.
It doesn't look too hot for either Tony Abbott or Kevin Rudd but Marjorie seems to see Rudd holding on. Another 'hung' parliament ?. Both leaders have said they won't deal with the minor parties- well they would say they wouldn't they - personally, the Shuttle reckons hung parliaments are all the rage and keep our politicians on their toes as exampled by Julia Gillard's tenure where she managed to negotiate over 300 pieces of legislation.
Over to Ms Orr :

Australian Election - hums and haws  From: Marjorie(07 Aug 2013 17:48): 
The Australian Election on 7 September will now be two days before the bad tempered Mars in Leo square Saturn rather than a few days after when it was set by Julia Gillard for 14th Sept. So not a generally happy result. Indeed the Australia country chart has tr Pluto conjunct the Sun/Saturn midpoint then so feels like a real drear. Aussies not in chipper spirits.

There's the usual mixter maxter on both charts with no birth time for Tony Abbot.
Marjorie Orr
Kevin Rudd, 21 Sept 1957 12.07pm, has the strongest influence of tr Pluto trine Jupiter/Uranus which helped oust Julia Gillard tho' it disappears briefly in the days following the election. Aside from that he has tr Saturn conjunct his Venus which can denote unpopularity and conjunct his Solar Arc Mercury which can be discouraging; a couple of droopy tr Neptune trine Saturn midpoints which don't look reassuring; and tr Saturn moving to conjunct Jupiter/Saturn a few days later which again is minorly downbeat.

Tony Abbot has tr Neptune trine one Mars midpoint and tr Saturn conjunct Sun/Neptune, neither of which look cheerful. But he does have tr Jupiter trine and sextile Jupiter/Saturn and Jupiter/Uranus. And he may have useful aspects to Ascendant and Midheaven which we don't know with no birth time.
He is certainly running into major problems within a year as his Solar Arc Pluto is then conjunct his Mars/Neptune midpoint. But the same is true of Rudd since he has Solar Arc Neptune square Sun Mars within a year as well. 

Rudd was elected on the party switch round on a Sun Jupiter conjunction trine Neptune trine Saturn which should stand him in good stead. Abbot's opposition party is just ahead in the polls but I wouldn't be surprised if Rudd hung on. But it isn't a clear cut call at all even given the normal uncertainties of election charts."