Friday, August 23, 2013

DJs , Myer : "Cyberbullying For Profit"

A David Jones' advert beneath a malicious post about a 14 year old US teenager.
While Australia's tabloids pound out endless words of praise for the Ground Hog Days that constitute the seasonal fashion parades of the countries biggest department stores, Myer and David Jones, an Adelaide academic has uncovered an extraordinary scandal where both retailers along with many of Australia's top corporations are placing their adverts via Google on some of the USA's nastiest cyber bullying websites.
There has been a growth in so-called 'customer advocate' website that are little more than extortionist entities that allow posters to publish the most vile claims, many about Australian politicians, celebrities,  teenagers and school children. To get the statements removed the website owners charge an extortionate fee while Google charges a further fee to remove the item from their search engine.

The advertisements from Aussie companies like Coles, Myer, Bunnings, Officeworks, Foxtel and others can appear along side racist, homophobic and disgusting comments about young teens. The academic says some Australian companies she has contacted are shocked to hear their adverts appear on the websites but have as much trouble contacting Google as a member of the public does.
So much for Google's inane "Don't Be Evil' motto.