Friday, July 19, 2013

Hazel Hawke & Which Bank ?

Hazel Hawke who died last month was a much loved public figure who stood steadfastly by her ex-husband Prime Minster Bob Hawke, demonstrating amazing loyalty, even as Bob was having an affair with his biographer Blanche d'Alpuget who he later married.

Aussies took Hazel to their hearts and watched sadly as she succumbed to Alzheimer's disease. Hazel openly publicized her plight in the hope it would aid other sufferers. When she died the plaudits came thick and fast and Hazel was given a State Memorial Service at the Sydney Opera House as this page from the current Latte Life newspaper shows.
Alas for the Commonwealth Bank which has just launched a series of 'customer friendly' adverts, the passing of a former First Lady seems to have slipped their attention. This week they sent a missive addressed to Hazel to the old Ritz Carlton building in Double Bay where she lived for a time.
The Shuttle's operative sent the letter back with the following exchange. Perhaps the news hasn't reached Mumbai yet :
@CommBank Hazel Hawke is deceased

Image removed by sender. CommBank

@Lattelifesydney Our apologies, was not aware. thanks you for letting us know.