Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You're Fired !

Dancers at the Janus opening party in May.
Arriving at the recently opened Janus restaurant tonight for the launch of a new food website, the Shuttle was disappointed to find the doors firmly closed and chained.
 It was just 3 weeks ago Janus celebrated it's opening with a Brazilian themed party but as winter closes in and the Sydney social scene slows to snail's pace, it seems the customers are staying home in droves.
One guest expected tonight at the Janus party was TV celebrity chef Peter Everett who was co-incidentally fired this week from Celebrity Apprentice.

And the food disasters don't end there. A few months ago we attended a party to launch a new model search quest at the Darlinghurst restaurant Alibi opened with great fanfare by Dane & Alex Bouris, the sons of millionaire businessman Mark Bouris, host of Celebrity Apprentice which draws to a close next week.
Bouris took to Twitter last August to condemn thieves who broke into Alibi and rifled through cash registers just a week after it opened.
Alas Alibi too has bitten the dust and the doors have remained closed for 4 weeks now.