Saturday, June 22, 2013

Missing the Scoops

While Fairfax Media's share price continues to plunge, down 8% to 48c and with printed circulation dropping around 24% every six months, perhaps it's endless campaign to mimic News Ltd's more downmarket tabloids is finally beginning to hit home.
The UK Guardian's local edition has rocketed into the top ten within 4 weeks of opening with an average readership of over a million a day and although Fairfax's aggregated daily views tops approx 2.8M, the notion that this will continue when they introduce a pay wall for readers to gaze upon their cold potato offerings ( often 48 hours after the tales have appeared on UK & USA sites) is wishfull thinking.
 Whilst Fairfax along with most commercial outlets were agonizing over the death of actor James Gandolfini with their LA based TV critic offering a bizarre load of tripe and an irrelevant eulogy on ABC radio claiming the actor was someone the younger generation "identified " with, real news stories are sliding by them and local outlets are picking up scoops.                                                                                 
And one such story is the explosive claim in the First Nation Telegraph that the Prime Minister in waiting Tony Abbott 'inappropriately touched" respected award winning Aboriginal writer Ali Cobby Eckerman in a Darwin cafe earlier this week. Eckerman says Abbott sidled up beside her and rubbed his finger up and down her arm. NSW Labor MP Linda Burney is demanding an explanation from Abbott and still, deathly silence from the mass media.
 Meanwhile Tony Abbott's main rival in the LNP, multi-millionaire MP Malcolm Turnbull (pictured) joined 350 others to sleep out on Thursday night at the Carriageworks to support St Vincent de Paul's WinterSleepout that raises funds for the homeless. And it was bloody freezing !

Form An Orderly Queue :

 Introducing Matt Wilson a 24 year old carpenter from Bondi Beach who has just landed a gig as the new 'face' of Diet Coke.