Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hair today, not gone tomorrow

In a world of sometimes bewildering change, a reader points to a constant we can grasp onto in order to maintain a sense of permanency : crooner Kamahl's hair.
Luxuriant, thick, black and bouncy, Kamahl's coiffure remains the same from year to year, decade to decade.

Born Kandiah Kamalesvaran, a one-time Rupert Murdoch handyman and gardener, Rolls Royce lover, confidant of the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, star of Royal Command Performances and perennial Australian television favourite, : just how has Kamahl's maintained his monumental mop?
Is it some mystical formula from the island of his birth Sri Lanka or an ancient Asian potion picked up in his former Malaysian home?.
 Kamahl, who was forced to change his stage name from Kamal after a MC introduced him as Mr Camel has silenced his critics over the years with his simple and effective trademark quip :"why are people so unkind ?" but he has never lifted the veil on his grooming routine.
Now 79, but looking 20 years younger, and although the miles are etched upon his handsomer face, that beauteous,  bouffant remains intact, cruelly mocking the thinning strands of the decades younger Greg Mathews and Shane Warnes of the world, and their Hey Hey ! hair replacement ads. Just what is Kamahl's secret ?  I think we should be told.